This about me section is a deeper look into who I am and how I’ve come to start this blog.

My name is Fil Cristaldi aka Flip, I’m the brainchild of Flipped Projects. I started up Flipped Projects while I was in my studies as part of my main assessment of self promotion.


I was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia where I studied and went to school like any normal child. Throughout my schooling I was rather limited in my choice of subjects so I chose the hard ones, Maths, Science and Physics. The only creative subject that I did was Graphics (architect graphics). I was a bit of a lost child in deciding what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I knew I loved computers and I wanted to do something within that field so when I graduated I went onto further studies and started a course in Advanced Computer System Engineering….BORING!! I dropped out halfway through the first year and never looked back.

With my time off I just worked and explored the possibilities of what the future could hold. I partied, danced and mingled like crazy, which is when I found out about this little ol’ thing called Graphic Design. Speaking with friends who were in the know, they filled me in on this world and helped inform me in all the details that are involved in being a Graphic Designer and where it could take me. With that in my mind I set out to get my design on!


I enrolled into a 2 year Graphic Design course at Southbank TAFE and away I went. During my studies we had to gain some work experience where I acquired a part time position unpaid at Nightlife Music + Video designing fliers, brochures, posters and CD covers. After my work experience was finished I was asked to stay on a part time basis, PAID! And that was my official first design job! With the experience and basic knowledge behind me I gained some Freelance work to help start Flipped Projects.

After graduating I got my first full time job working for a small publication studio in Brisbane. I became in charge of publishing a quarterly high end glossy national magazine called “Business & Property Sales”, my first real challenge. Within the first 2 weeks of starting the job the first edition was due and I had never published anything bigger than a 2 page flier. The whole concept of being thrown into the deep end was done to me, but I believe it forced me to learn how to do things and achieve what needed to be done. Working full time wasn’t always enough for me. Publishing magazines was what I did during the day, but during the night, I ran Flipped Projects, designing print and web items for clients I had acquired. BUT STILL it wasn’t enough…With the weekends being my only free time Mikaru Fashion had started. My friend and I had started up a T-shirt printing business where we printed our own designs and sold them to the public.

2 years had passed and I was becoming hungry for more, something more challenging, something bigger and better. Coincidentally so did my girlfriend, my sister and her fiance. So we made the big move, we moved to London, UK.

During these financial times we weren’t sure if it was the right move but we did it anyway. It has been a few months since we moved here and I still haven’t had a chance to gain employment. To get some income I’m currently working in retail to pay the rent.


Working only part time in retail I had a lot of time on my hands, sometimes too much spare time and was itching to do something productive. And that is where this website/blog came to be!

Never having used WordPress before I thought this would be an excellent time to learn as I had only previously used Joomla! and can I say, WordPress is awesome!

So this brings me up to now…thinking everyday of some content to try and get my name out there, to help get my design on, and to help and share my knowledge to the design community and to anyone who is interested.

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